House Huntiing & Relocation

House Hunting
- Preview Trip
- Negotiation with Landlord
- Preparation on the Tenancy Agreement
- Takeover the premises

School Arrangement
- Make appointment with school chosen by the Employee
- Accompany the Employee's child for entry examination

Entry Visa
- Advise the Employee on the supporting documents required
- Collect all the documents from the client
- Submit the application to the Immigration Dept

Takeover the Premises
- Check any defects according to tenancy agreement
- Handover the keys & access card etc. to the client
- Follow up the defect rectification work

Orientation Service
- Prepare the material, such as street map and shopping guide.
- Arrange appointment with the Employee
- Brief the material to the Employee about H.K.
- Help the Employee to familiarise the traffic condition

Lease Renewal Negotiation
- Negotiation with Landlord
- Liaison with the client & Landlord
- Follow-up the Tenancy Agreement

In-house Maintenance
- Inspection
- Quotation
- Liaison with Landlord and Management Office
- Monitoring the work done

Handover the premises
- Pre-handover inspection
- Reinstatement work
- Marching out inspection

Moving (In-bound & Out-bound)
- Site survey & Quotation
- Co-ordinate & monitor the moving works
- Follow up the shipping schedule & unpack in destination

Land & Fortune understand that finding and creating a home requires more than just a house. Our professional and experienced staffs strive the best to meet client's relocation requirements in a professional, courteous and efficient manner.

Enthusiastic Agency Team
All our staffs are trained in the aspects of product knowledge, assignment procedures, legal provisions, property-related fees, market analysis and other technicalities. All these ensure that they can handle each case in a fair and proper way. It is important to note that we will assign an Account Executive / Manager to particularly follow up client's request and report to client about the progress.

House Hunting
With long experience in the property market, Land & Fortune had established a network with individual owners of properties in most of areas of Hong Kong as well as famous developers. Using our comprehensive computer database of over 1000 currently available properties, Land & Fortune facilitates you with finding property that is tailored to your needs.

In selecting the premises for you, we will short-list the premises according to the following criteria :

- The premises are reasonably maintained by the Landlord.
- The Landlord has a reliable track record.
- The recent rental trend so that client's rental budget could be maximized.

Orientation Service
The purpose of the orientation is to facilitate the understanding of client about the environment in Hong Kong as well as the facilities in the surrounding areas of their premises.

Briefing material including shopping guides, means of transportation, medical services, street maps on major locations of Hong Kong, etc will be given to the employee during the orientation service.



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